MathTracks is Math You Can See!


The MathTracks Kits let you see, touch and manipulate numbers for better understanding, without dumping out a bunch of pieces, building counters or memorizing colors. Working within the number line on multiple tracks, kids can understand the essence of numbers, and relate different concepts to build number sense.

MathTracks Lab uses an interactive virtual form of the kit for activities and games guiding very young learners and kids needing intervention in K-5. Used in tandem with the real kits, MathTracks Lab gives students a unique and exciting way to visualize math when traditional methods are failing.

Master the Facts uses the virtual manipulative to help master the basic facts. As your math skills grow, you build a gallery of fascinating pictures, earned for completing fact games. It's the only software that truly integrates a virtual manipulative with a complete fact practice program.

All software is completely online. There are no disks to load, and kids aren't limited to learning at school.

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